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Synthetic Silk Lashes

These are faux silk eyelash extensions . Made out of synthetic PBT fibre, they’re both soft and luscious. Matte black in colour, they will not fade or lose their curl before they are removed.

They are ideal for use by all kinds of health and beauty professionals.
Give your clients a flexible, more natural look with faux silk eyelash extensions. A subtle, yet beautiful alternative to other semi-permanent extensions, silk lashes are a great choice for many clients – and many professional beauticians.

High Quality Synthetic Silk Single Lashes (12 Lines Per Tray)

Individual lashes Add natural volume & thickening to your eyelashes

They are  comfortable and respond better to wear and tear than any other materials.

In addition, synthetics have the least chance of allergic reactions with human skin and eyes


• Length: Mixed length in one tray 8mm-9mm-10mm-10mm-11mm-11mm-12mm-12mm-13mm-13mm-14mm-14mm

Faux silk lashes present a particular look when compared to other eyebrow extension types. They are suited to clients who want:

A natural look: choose silk eyelashes when you want a softer, more natural look. They offer a matte alternative to the quiet gleam of mink eyelashes.
Lashes that won’t straighten or fade: these lashes are made of synthetic fibres which won’t lose their colour or curl.

Every individual eyelash is made to the same exacting standards. All are created within a sterile environment, and out of the highest quality materials available.

High Quality Silk Single Lashes Mixed length

£6.95 Regular Price
£4.93Sale Price
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