by Labeaute Lashes 

Premium quality Mink Lashes for Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions.

These Mink Lashes are suitable for Classic Individual Eyelash application when each artificial eyelash is applied to one of your client own ones, making them look longer and thicker, but natural at the same time. The final look will depend on the curl, thickness and length of the lashes used but can be either more natural or more glamorous.

Material:  Faux  mink (highest quality PBT)

Shape: B/C/ D- curl

Thickness: 0.12, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25

Length: mixed  8mm-16mm in one Box

8mm*1 row/9mm* 1 rows/10mm* 1rows/ 11mm* 2rows/12mm* 2rows/13mm* 2rows/14mm*1row/15mm* 1 row/16mm* 1 row)

Quantity: 12 easy to remove strip lines which easily stick back inside the case for future use if not finished with.

Colour: Black

Packaging: premium quality lightweight soft case for easy use and storage

Labeaute Mink 0.12-0.15-0.20-0.25 Mix B/C/D- curl Individual Eyelash Extensions


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