Item Description


All chemical products (including Adhesives, Primer, Remover, Semi-Permanent Mascara and Lash Perm products etc.) listed

in our eBay site  are for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Untrained use is not allowed and we cannot be held responsible. 

You must be trained, certified and insured adequately to use our products.


Product Specifications


Mbeauty4all Gel Remover is a gentle remover which is safe and effective to use for removing eyelash extensions, can remove all eyelash extension adhesives from all brands.



Gel Type - no odour or colour

Fumes & Irritation: least

Shelf Life 24 months, once opened use within 6 months

Can be used to remove any eyelash extension glue, non-toxic, fume free




Remove all makeup and dirt with makeup remover pads, dry client’s eyes and lashes with cotton pads. Secure lint free eye patches under client’s eyes to protect lower eyelid.

Shake well before use. Pour a small amount of gel remover 

into a clean container and carefully apply to client’s lashes 

by using micro brushes. Leave for 3-5 minutes until the gel remover has soaked the adhesive. Gently brush client’s eyelashes with micro brush to remove all extensions. Remove the remaining gel remover with lash primer, or any makeup remover that contains alcohol. Carefully remove under 

eye gel pads, starting from the corner of the eye. 

If the adhesive is too hard, pre-soak a lint free cloth in 40 degree water and cover client’s eyes for 15 minutes, then start the removal process.

Gel remover shouldn’t touch eyeball or eyelid. 

In the event of this happening, rinse thoroughly with 

plenty of cold water. 




For professional use only







Butylene Glycol

Hydrolyzed collagen



Silk Amino Acids

MBEAUTY4ALL Adhesive GLUE REMOVER - Individual Eyelash Extensions GEL TYPE