Item Description


All chemical products (including Adhesives, Primer, Remover, Semi-

Permanent Mascara and Lash Perm products etc.) for PROFESSIONAL USE

ONLY. Untrained use is not allowed

and WE  cannot be held responsible.

You must be trained, certified and

insured adequately to use our


MBeauty4all adhesive provides a great balance of speed, strength and safety.

Recommended for experienced lash technicians

High resistance against heat and

water exposure


Not recommended for clients with 

sensitive eyes - may cause irritation


Super strong adhesive with medium



Can hold eyelash extensions for

 6-7 weeks.


1-2 seconds fast drying


Black color


Thin in viscosity


This glue is good for professional

eyelash extension specialists with quick action (!!!)


Very popular in Russia and one of the great glues used for volume lash and classic lash



Professional use only

Recommended humidity: 55%

Acceptable humidity range: 40% - 70%

Recommended room temperature:25°C - 28°C 

Product Specifications:

Weight: 10g

Colour: black

Viscosity: medium  ★★

Lash Retention: approx. 4 ~ 6 weeks

Curing Time: 1-2 seconds 

Fumes & Irritation: strong



Bonds skin instantly. Avoid contact

with eyes, mouth and skin. Keep away

from children. Eyelid bonding:

consult a physician. Skin bonding:

soak and ease apart gently. Patch test

is necessary at least 24 hours before

the application.

For professional use only. 



Sensitive eyes/Self application/Open eye application/Any contact with skin

Mbeauty4all Super Fast Glue Adhesive 10g Professional Eyelash Extensions Volume