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0.05 D /8mm

0.05 D /9mm

0.05 D /10mm

0.05 D /16mm

0.05 C /14mm

0.05 C /15mm

0.07 C /16mm

0.25 /D /MIX

0.25 /C /MIX

0.12/ D /MIX

Perfect for Russian Volume Eyelash Extension.

Our super fine Extreme Volume Lash range will help you achieve that full,

voluminous look without damaging the natural lashes.

Extremely light, flexible and soft to the touch these will last longer than

classic eyelash extensions and with 12 lines per tray .


Easy to Remove Lashes With no Sticky Residue

12 Removable Strips That Peel Away Easily From the Backing

Colour is Black

Lines 12 Lines per tray

Volume Lashes are ultra-soft and feather light eyelash extensions designed

to create a fluffy, full volume look. Up to 7  lashes can be applied to a single natural lash, perfect for feathering and layering (XD lashing technique).

Please note:

These Russian Volume Individual Eyelash extensions are individual  and

NOT cluster lashes, Y lashes or W lashes; this means the fans are not ready made but have to be made by the technician during the application process. Russian volume technique requires a separate training course, usually at least

6 month after  you have done initial classic eyelash extensions training.

What are Russian Volume lashes?


The essence of the technique is that for one's own artificial eyelash to attach

several - two to six (!). Depending on the client's state of the eyelashes master

decides how much to add eyelashes permissible in each case.

Russian Volume is the latest and most advanced technique in the eyelash extension industry.

It involves creating fans from between 2 and 7 lightweight individual

lashes (Referred to as 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D or 7D) and applying them to the natural lash.Applying lashes in this way reduces the amount of adhesive involved and gives a fuller, longer lasting look without causing as much damage as classic lashes.

The technique is quite complicated to master so training is recommended.

n;5 (10pc / 0.05/C-CURL ) XD Russian Volume Lashes Individual Eyelash Extensions

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