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  • These  silk Lashes 0.05mm offer you the ability to achieve fuller volume compared to classic lash fibres. Suitable for 2D, 9D application they can cover all your natural lashes for a full thick look. These lashes need to be applied using Russian volume technique which is based on applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. This means that there are approximately 200- 900 eyelash extensions applied to each eye, rather than the regular 80-100 extensions per eye with the classic eyelash extensions.
  • Please note:

    These Russian Volume Individual Eyelash extensions are individual  and NOT cluster lashes, Y lashes or W lashes; this means the fans are not ready made but have to be made by the technician during the application process. Russian volume technique requires a separate training course, usually at least 6 month after  you have done initial classic eyelash extensions training.

• Silky Smooth & Delicate to Touch
• Longer Lasting than Classic Lashes
• Easy to Remove Lashes With no Sticky Residue
• 12Removable Strips That Peel Away Easily From the Backing

NB Russian Volume Lashes are NOT, cluster lashes, Y lashes or W lashes
Please note these are individual lashes

Look Cool SILK 0.05 C/D- one length Curl Russian XD Volume Eyelash Extension

£8.95 Regular Price
£5.37Sale Price
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